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Chop Shop

Chop Shop is the perfect five-piece band for your event. From cruises to clubs and casinos to centre court, this band has got it covered. With an extensive array of tried and tested covers, they can tailor their set to suit any event, whether it be a high energy club night or a lounge set of jazz and blues.

With over 10 years experience performing, touring and writing together, these five young men have joined forces to form the super-group known as ‘Chop Shop’. They take songs from all genres and ages to create truly unique mashups and unforgettable sets that ensure the party goes on all night long. With a background in jazz and blues, this band also has the diversity to tailor sets for any environment from lounge and wedding to yachts and beyond!

With the lightning fingers of Will Barnes on guitar and the unrivalled voice of Alex Davies, this band is a head turner. The rhythm section sees long time friends Chris Clark and Josh Davies (on bass and drums respectively) sit so tight together that they’re practically inseparable, musically or otherwise! Putting the icing on the cake with his silky smooth melodies and harmonies is George Montagu on piano and trumpet, a musical composer in his own right. And with all five members strong singers, ‘Chop Shop’ boasts killer five-part harmonies that The Jackson Five would be proud of!

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact and book this band for your event. They are experienced, well practiced, punctual, flexible and most of all, professional and passionate about what they do.

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