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A lot of people underestimate how important choosing the right DJ is.

A DJ normally looks after the larger section of any event so it’s very important that your DJ has experience and knows how to work a crowd. All our Actz Entertainment DJs have been vetted by ourselves and have experience working for corporate functions, weddings, parties, functions and individual events. We have a selection of different types of DJs as not all DJs are the same and that’s the mistake most people make. Please view below our different category of DJ…


Our Pioneer DJs are our very best and have a real talent for mixing music, they have years of experience working in Night Clubs, Outdoor Events, Festivals, Corporate Functions, Weddings & Parties. They know how to work a crowd and blend music keeping a constant flow, knowing when to change genre or tempo and looking after your crowd making sure everyone has a perfect day/evening.


We often have requests for weddings that require a strong DJ and a strong vocalist. However, separating the two fees can often become expensive and unachievable. Fortunately, we have premium vocalist who are also extremely good DJs. They have all  of the same equipment as our resident DJs and, by combining the two, can often save a lot of mone


Our sound DJs are perfect for when booking extra entertainment they know how to work with a Singer, Band, Or Acoustic Actz allowing the singer to either work with the Dj’s equipment or work with the singer’s equipment, using background music in-between gaps and playing music between intervals, knowing how to engineer the sound so the singer can entertain.


Our standard DJs are equipped with a full range of music and a professional setup. They have experience in Weddings & Parties and work for us regularly.

Show Me Love

Book Show Me Love to your Wedding, Corporate Event or Special Occasion with Show Me Love taking the UK club scene by storm, Show Me Love exclusively have open the doors to booking private functions and you can have a totally custom package to fit your budget. DJs, Sax, Live PAs, Headliner Acts, Dancers, plus more. Contact Us for more information.

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