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Maximum Productions

Maximum Productions offer bespoke theatrical productions and cabaret shows suitable for all types of venues and audiences. We specialise in providing full scale spectacular shows for the smaller stage, with revue and company sizes to suit every venue and client budget.

Our tailor made shows are guaranteed to entertain your guests, filled with glamour, excitement, style and passion,creating a professional and long lasting impression, featuring dancers, singers and speciality acts when required. Our new and dynamic company offers competitive rates with exceptionally high standards that will benefit both small and larger companies alike.

All our beautiful performers are hand picked for their talent, skills and expertise. Our team of experts at Maximum Productions include some of the best choreographers, directors, set and costume designers in the business, all striving to deliver perfection for our clients.
Our goal is to create a truly professional and entertaining spectacle resulting in an unforgettable experience and lasting memory for you and your guests.

Some of the shows we have available are:

Eastern Elements
Set your imagination on fire as Eastern Elements take you on a magical journey to the fantastical world of the East. Revolving around the wondrous oriental theme, choreography spans across a multitude of dance forms, from traditional to modern and fusion. Beautifully costumed, energetic numbers will become a stage of creative expression, sensory enjoyment and a vehicle for cultural celebration.

Thrill your guests with a night of Intrigue, Glamour and Passion. Risqué is a versatile performance which can be tailored to the individual clients needs from family friendly to something a little bit more intimate and exciting. The intrigue of the human emotions, The glamour of beautiful dancing girls and the passion that comes from the heart. Risqué has it all!

Vegas Voices
From vintage Vegas icons to tributes to today’s hottest performers, this show is a multitude of variety. Beautiful showgirls, high kicks, feathers and sequins converge to create this extravagant spectacle. Enjoy the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas with our Vegas Voices.


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