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Paper Artists

Silhouette artists Charles Burns and Michael Herbert have been working together as “Paper Portrait Artists” for many years. They were brought together by a shared interest in the little-known art of silhouette cutting.

The art of cutting profile portraits with scissors is an old English craft with a fascinating history. It died out in Victorian times – after the invention of photography – and today is almost totally unknown. Yet silhouette cutting still has much to offer. In today’s world, where technology is all, there is something captivating about such a simple art. All a silhouettist needs is paper, scissors and a quirky skill. Driven by a belief in the future of his art, Charles Burns has taken this lost craft and re-invented it for the twenty-first century. Teaming up with fellow silhouettists, Michael Herbert and others, he has created a flexible team of artists working at events all over the UK and abroad.

Charles is based in Berkshire and runs the business from his studio, together with his partner Kazumi. Michael is based in Devon. Whether booked together or apart, each bring their unique brand of ‘art as entertainment’ to events all over the country. They run workshops and give talks.

The artists combine traditional skill with modern, stylish presentation. Whether you need a single silhouette cutter for a wedding, or a team of artists to make 500 silhouettes at a gala dinner, The Paper Portrait Artists can provide.




“We received numerous compliments on the silhouette cutters who provided a novel and interesting way of entertaining.”

“I know that everyone who had their silhouette cut was more than delighted at the end result, and also your obviously gifted talent.”

“It was lovely to see you again and to see you in action. It really is amazing how you capture the likeness so well and so quickly”.

“You were really terrific on Saturday at Anna’s wedding. Terribly professional, amazingly talented. You quite stole the show and have been much talked about since”.


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